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Knowing All Facts About The Calories In Avocado Offers Numerous Benefits

Avocados are a mild tasting type of fruit that grows in various parts of the globe throughout the year. In the US they are commonly grown in Florida and Hawaii and are noticeable by their leathery dark green skin and light green flesh which has a creamy texture and buttery taste. Calories in avocado tend to be somewhat higher when compared to other various fruits; however, one should note that the fat present in this fruit is essentially healthy for individuals.

Although Avocados are high in calories and fats, one should not shy away from adding them to a diet. These fruits are also rich in Vitamins and other important minerals, including monounsaturated fatty acids and fiber. Any person that enjoys eating healthy diets should include them as they assist ones body to absorb Carotenoids that give an antioxidant effect.

Studies conducted showed that acids present in the flesh were particularly advantageous to humans as it helped to lower the cholesterol levels in the blood. It is relatively difficult to give exact figures on the calorie content in these fruits as they come in a variety of different sizes and types. However, if working on a small basic serving of just a half, it contains an estimated 153 calorie count. Medium size would be approximately 306 and larger size fruits yield around 322 calories per half serving.

Therefore it could be ascertained that about a cup of sliced avocados or every 146 grams have a calorie count of roughly 234. But due to the wide variety of ways in which it is ingested, the calorie count will change. A cupful of Guacamole has 367 calories, and the energy that one gets from this fruit is almost 20X more than what is derived from eating an apple or a peach.

These fruits are rich in Vitamin E that every person recognizes a one of the most powerful antioxidants. It also limits the damage caused by free radicals and thus reduces the risk of developing cancer or heart diseases. Of course it also works to help slow down the development of wrinkles as well.

Generally fats are seen as unhealthy but 63% of the fat calorie content is from monounsaturated fats, while 20% are polyunsaturated fats. These are actually good fats that the body needs and are extremely healthy to ingest. Because they are also quite satisfying to eat they will reduce any unhealthy cravings for any person attempting to diet.

Furthermore the high Potassium content helps to regulate blood pressure which safeguards against strokes, heart disease and also aids digestion and assists with ridding the body of toxins. Potassium fights depression and fatigue which will increase overall concentration. The combined C, D, B6, manganese and riboflavin works to build up the immune system.

Even though calories in avocado may be somewhere above the level of what is deemed appropriate, one has to remember that almost nothing is completely healthy, but this fruit has far more benefits than drawbacks. It certainly is worth adding to one’s diet and can be used to substitute butter or mayo. It might even be safe to say an "avocado a day keeps the doctor away".

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