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Discover How Many Calories In An Apple

It is not uncommon to find several different answers when inquiring about how many calories in an apple. Typically folks believe that an apple has between sixty to eighty calories in an average fruit. However, the count will increase or decrease depending on the size of an apple and the variety. In addition, the fruit calorie count may vary if you eat the peel or remove it. Apples are an excellent snack choice for anyone who is interested in losing weight.

A small apple has approximately fifty three to fifty five calories, medium apples have about seventy seven to eighty one, and large apples have between one hundred ten and one hundred eighteen. The same size apple without the peel will have a slightly lower calorie count. It is possible to find a packaged snack with a lower calorie count but it is not typical to find one that is rich in minerals, vitamins, fiber, with good carbohydrates and enzymes that aid digestion.

Even though folks know that apples are a better choice than cookies for a snack, most will reach for the sweet. Eating apples is an excellent way to keep fat consumption down. While eating apples every day may not be a quick weight loss cure, it will help folks lose pounds while they focus on their general health. Simply changing your opinion about apples can help keep fat away.

In addition to having low caloric values and fat, apples help you feel full. Low fat snacks can have a high calorie count. Some of the products also contain excess sodium. So, while you will be lowering your fat consumption you are increasing your calorie and sodium intake.

A calorie is a calorie regardless if you eat vegetables, fruits, or pasta. The idea is to burn more calories than consumed in order to lose weight. Having apples for snacks between meals will help you feel fuller longer and will not spoil your efforts to lose weight.

Apples also have carbohydrates that are not harmful to weight loss efforts. Carbohydrates give you energy and when eaten in moderation will help you stay active. Eating apples will provide you with the right amount of energy without artificial ingredients and preservatives. When you choose apples over crackers or other packaged carbohydrates you are not likely to eat more than your body needs.

This is also a fruit that supplies vitamins, minerals, and fiber. When you give your body the right nutrition it becomes healthy and losing weight is easier. Fiber can help curb the appetite. Eating apples before meals will keep you from over eating. This fruit provides vitamin C which helps avoid heart disease and certain cancers.

It is important to increase water intake when losing weight. Many people find it difficult to increase their water intake so choosing foods that are high in water, like apples, can help. Water helps you feel full without added calories and apples have the added benefit of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Be sure you consider how many calories in an apple so that you can count calorie intake correctly.

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