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How Many Calories In Blueberries

Calories in Blueberries -- Do you know how many calories are present in blueberries? It is good to know that blueberries are a relatively low calorie food item, and they are highly nutritious. Many fitness trainers and coaches recommend the intake of blueberries as a power food because they contain potassium, fiber and vitamin C in rich quantities. Additionally, they contain various antioxidants and other vital nutrients.

How many calories in blueberries -- The number of calories in blueberries depends on its measurement as well as various other factors. For instance, you will find up to about 95 calories in one cup containing blueberries. Several factors must be considered while figuring out how many calories in blueberries such as whether they are raw, frozen, unsweetened or sweetened. The following guideline will assist you in calculating the amount of calories in blueberries.

*One cup full of fresh blueberries contain up to 83 calories

 *Once cup full of unsweetened, frozen blueberries contain up to 79 calories

Tips about adding blueberries to your everyday diet-- Since blueberries contain low amount of calories, adding blueberries to recipes is simple without worrying about the total calories count of the meal. Add one tablespoon of blueberries to your oatmeal or cereal (it amounts to 15 calories, if a heaping tablespoon of blueberries is used). Some folks love to add about half a cup of blueberries (about 42 calories) to a regular low fat vanilla yogurt or a Greek yogurt. Various fruit smoothie recipes can be found that give additional nutritional value and extra flavor when you add blueberries.

Flavoring baked goods and pancakes such as muffins and breads is a yummy way to add vital nutrients without consuming high calories. In order to check the intake of calories, avoid consuming frozen sweetened blueberries. Add a cup full of blueberries to waffle and pancake mixture before cooking or topple the mixture with a quarter cup of blueberries when it comes out of the griddle. Similarly, you can enjoy delicious desserts by adding blueberries to puddings or fruit salads.

Warning on calories in blueberry treats -- Make sure you choose recipes containing low calories while adding blueberries to these treats. Similarly, cook these recipes on your own instead of buying ready-made recipes; otherwise, you will end up consuming high calories. For instance, a blueberry muffin may contain as high as 120 calories per serving, if you bake the muffin from a high calorie recipe. These treats are highly irresistible, but there is no need to omit them from your regular diet. You can definitely bake treats that are healthy provided you dedicate time in coking them on your own. If you are out of time to cook these treats, then it is a better idea to avoid consuming them.

The same is applicable in the case of sauces containing blueberries, blueberry jams, blueberry syrups and blueberry pie fillings. All these sauces are delicious and tempting, and contain calories and sugar in high quantities. If you visit a local grocery shop for buying grocery items, check a can of blueberry jam or blueberry pie filling, and you will observe how high the calories content is for these lip licking treats.