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Calories In An Orange And Other Nutrients

Many of us make the effort to exercise regularly, yet at the same time completely disregard our calorie intake and the difference between achieving fitness goals or failing to depend on both of these facts. To have a stronger, healthier body takes persistence, diligence and will power.

You will need to determine as accurately as possible what your daily calorie intake should be, and there are various tools to help you do this. Calculating your lean body mass in kilograms is probably one of the easiest ways to help determine how many calories you should be getting.

You should multiply the number by 22 and 500, once you have it, and once that calculation has been performed you will have the number of calories recommended for you. The number assumes you are being sedentary and is per day; if you exercise at all, you would have to add a specific number of calories to the figure.

However, you should keep in mind that just because you are getting the recommended calorie intake does not necessarily mean that you are eating as healthily as you can, or are getting enough nutrition. The actual source of the calories and what you are eating is just as important, and if you are consuming only 1500 calories each day, but they are from sugary or processed foods, your diet is clearly not as healthy as it should be. On the other hand, if your diet revolves around lean meats, fresh fruit and vegetables and whole grains, but your calorie intake is around 2,000, it is clearly a healthier option.

You can tell if your weight loss plan is working by monitoring your fluctuations in weight every two weeks or so, and your calorie intake does not need to be adjusted if you are actually losing weight. However, you may need to increase or reduce the amount of calories you are taking in on a daily basis, if your rate of weight loss or weight gain is slower than you anticipated. Try to check this every couple of weeks, for best results.

If your goal is to have a healthy circulation system and a strong heart, some type of exercise on a regular basis is essential, although aerobic exercise is adequate if your focus is not on building up your muscles. Strength training is recommended for anyone who is striving to increase their overall physical strength or build up muscle mass.

Although almost anyone can benefit from strength training and aerobic workouts, it is recommended that you discuss both diet and exercise with your doctor. Calorie intake is an important part of keeping fit and healthy, and you will find that the guilty of your life is a lot better if you follow the tips outlined above.

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