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Know the calories in an apple

The saying, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ surely cannot be meaningless. We all know that apples are good for health and make for great snacks, breakfast or mid morning munches. But are you worried that an apple may contain too many calories which will make you put on more weight? Let us take a look at the number of calories in an apple before you bite into the next one!

Apples have several health benefits. They contain no saturated fat or cholesterol, they are very low in sodium, and have high levels of vitamin C and dietary fibre, which is good for our body. But apples do contain calories as they are high in sugar. A medium sized apple contains about 47 kilo calories. But there is no such thing as ‘free food’, so the calories in an apple can be higher than you suppose them to be.

The best approach would be to aim for five servings of fruit and vegetables in a day. Remember that fruit juices or smoothies are counted as one portion no matter how much you drink. So you could try to incorporate a variety of fruits in your daily diet. Fruits such as blueberries and red berries are a great option as the calories in them are very low.

There are different opinions regarding the nutritional value of an apple. Some scientists feel that some food such as apples contain “negative calories”, which means that they cause the body to burn more calories by increasing the metabolism or by providing vitamin C than the calories they actually contain. So in theory, you would actually lose calories, thus aiding in weight loss, by eating an apple.

But all said and done, the apple is one of the best fruits one can consume regularly. It provides the body with essential nutrients that help raise immunity, fight infections and assist in healing wounds. Most doctors recommend consuming this fruit not just for health purposes but also for losing weight. But food experts advise to consume the apple as it is rather than drink it in the form of juice.

Nutritionists feel that apple juice has high calorie content and may result in weight gain instead of weight loss. A lot of research has gone into the nutritional content of the apple and according to nutritional figures, an apple contains 95 calories with 8% carbohydrates, 17 % dietary fibre and 18.9 grams of sugar. It also contains 2% of Vitamin A, and 1% each of calcium and iron. The apple is available in various colors, varieties and sizes. While some are best eaten raw, others can also be cooked and consumed.

However, it is important to try and lead a healthy lifestyle apart from healthy eating. This includes working out on a regular basis and managing stress. One should try to eat a balanced diet, get at least eight hours of sleep, drink around eight glasses of water in a day, and exercise regularly to keep fit. Now that you know the number of calories in an apple, as well as its nutritional benefits, do not hesitate to stock your supply of apples.

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